Help Sections:

  1. Same Day Flower Delivery
  2. Delivery Cost
  3. Recipient Is Unavailable
  4. Need To Modify An Order
  5. Holidays
  6. Funeral Arrangements
  7. Payments Accepted
  8. Flower Care
  9. Order Status Delay
  10. Hospital ICU Deliveries
  11. Post Office Boxes

Same Day Flower Delivery

We provide same day flower delivery.  For weekdays please place your order before 3PM at the recipient’s timezone and select today’s date for same day flower delivery.  The cutoff time for same day delivery during weekends is 12PM.

Delivery Cost

The cost to get flowers delivered per order going to one address is a flat rate that starts from $13.95 and goes up to $19.95 depending on where it’s being delivered.  The flat rate stays the same if multiple flowers are being delivered to the same address in a single order.

Recipient Is Unavailable

For residential deliveries if the recipient is not available to accept the flowers then the flowers may be left on the porch in shade if the weather permits it.  For commercial deliveries the flowers may be attempted to be delivered again the next day.  The recipient may be called to schedule delivery.

Need To Modify An Order

Need to fix a misspelling or change the address for delivery?  No problem.  You can contact us using our contact form and we’ll receive your request instantly.


Rita’s Florist observes the following holidays:

Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Easter, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

Funeral Arrangements

Our flowers will help your loved ones through one of the most personal and challenging stages of life.  When placing a funeral order be sure to give us the name of the deceased so that we can coordinate the flower delivery.  It is also helpful to give us the time of service in the “order notes” section located at the bottom of checkout.  If we aren’t given a time for delivery then we’ll deliver before the first service at the delivery address.  If the delivery address is a funeral home but not where the service is occurring then we’ll contact the funeral home for more information on delivery.

Payments Accepted

We currently accept credit, debit, and gift cards.

Flower Care

Flowers are easy to take care of once you follow these simple steps.

  • Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, air condition vents, and fans.
  • Keep flowers in water at all times.
  • Replace the water every three days and cut stems about 1/2 inch at an angle.
  • Add flower food after replacing the water.
  • Avoid keeping flowers in an area of high temperature (above 80 F).

Order Status Delay

If you have created an account with us you may login our website to check up on the order status.  Please note that order statuses might not be updated in real-time and flowers may have already been delivered even though it still shows up as “processing.”

Hospital ICU Deliveries

We cannot deliver items to an ICU because hospitals don’t allow it.  We will however contact the hospital to periodically check and see if a room is assigned for the patient.  Once a room is assigned then we’ll attempt flower delivery.

Post Office Boxes

We do not offer flower deliveries to post office boxes.